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Become a Certified OPAM Facilitator

OPAM is an organisational performance assessment system designed and developed to measure and profile organisational performance and consensus levels in nine critical areas, and to assess, the impact of these activities on organisational performance.

Certified OPAM Professional Facilitator (CPF)

In order to use OPAM System, individuals must first attend a training program to become a Certified OPAM Facilitator. The Certified OPAM Facilitator Qualifying Program is an opportunity for trainers and consultants to add a new dimension to their training toolkit. Each OPAM Facilitator Certification programme has been designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in training and consulting.

OPAM Training Courses

In OPAM certification course you will experience and learn how to facilitate OPAM method for diverse organisations and groups. You will learn about the theory and practice, as well as the benefits, applications and features of the system and the ethical considerations for using the model appropriately.

Experiencing both classroom and hands-on, interactive learning you will learn practical skills and knowledge of OPAM system, and learn about the various OPAM tools, and their appropriate uses.

Qualified Facilitator will be provided with training and related materials, promote themselves as Certified OPAM Facilitator both inside and outside their organisation, organise and conduct Introductory and Applications training and charge for their services.

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Consulting Services

Alpha UK provides management consulting and performance improvement solutions to both public and private sector industry as well as government agencies. We work with our clients to deliver immediate and lasting solutions to their most significant performance issues.

We use Organisational Performance Analysis Model (OPAM) to analyse, resolve and implement solutions. The results we provide our clients are both measurable and sustainable.

We offer performance consulting services to improve organisational performance by bringing staff together in cross-functional, cross-hierarchical groups for open exchange; to identify divergent viewpoints to foster growth; to create consensus around future organisational performance development activities; and, to select, implement and track organisational change and development strategies.

Our Consulting practices provide structured methodologies that enable an organisation to accurately assess the performance requirements of its business strategy. Engagements are targeted to facilitate the realisation of business objectives, through the application of OPAM analysis and assessment methodologies provided and directed by senior industry consultants.

These highly inter-woven consultancy services offered include:

High Level Approach

A service of an entirely high-level approach that reviews an organisation’s industry positioning, resource utilisation, and corporate structure in relationship to solving performance-related business problems. The main objective is to provide the client’s organisation with a clear and concise assessment resulting in performance improvement opportunities.

Advanced Assessment Methodology

Our senior consultants use a standardised assessment technique to gather information on specific performance components. Results are analysed, and conclusions about the company’s performance are presented.

Multi Dimensional Analysis

An in-depth assessment and analysis of a organisation’s operations from the ground up, including organisational mission and strategy, management & leadership, incentives & rewards, information & feedback, tools, materials & equipment, work environment, employees’ skills & knowledge, employees’ abilities and employees’ engagement. All these issues are undertaken to optimise performance and develop a plan to achieve and implement the optimisation and goals.

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