Research Based Solution to Analyse and Improve Your Organisational Performance

OPAM is an organisational performance assessment system designed to measure and profile organisational capacities and consensus levels in nine critical areas. OPAM is based on state-of-the-art methods that energise and transform individual, team, and organisational performance. More…

Organisation Assessment

What is Organisation Assessment?

Organisation Assessment is

“… the process for obtaining systematic information about the performance of an organisation and the factors that affect performance in order to diagnose areas of possible investments for change and/or to demonstrate competence.”

Why Choose OPAM

Based on the best assessment methodology and the most advanced human performance technology OPAM goes beyond the diagnostic activities of determining where to look for performance problems.

It advances HPT activities beyond the discovery of where to look for performance problems and into the activities of how to analyse performance problems.

OPAM Phases

There are five distinct phases to the OPAM Model:
  1. Performance Analysis
  2. Cause Analysis
  3. Intervention Selection, Design & Development
  4. Intervention Implementation and Change Management
  5. Evaluation – continuous improvement.

Boost Your Business Performance with OPAM

Boosting performance and powering growth and overcome challenges to your success. Whatever your business is, you indeed expect the best performance from your workforce and you want to improve their efficiency and productivity.

OPAM will help you identify and tackle your productivity challenges, boost your organisational performance and discover challenges, benefits, best practices and possible implementation strategies.

OPAM provides a coherent systematic approach to the solution of performance problems, as opposed to the traditional methods and procedures adopted by most organisations. It seeks optimal solutions, regardless of their appearance.

OPAM's HPT Model

OPAM performance analysis is based on our proprietary HPT model of human performance. OPAM’s HPT Model framework comprises of nine domains and 26 sub-domains or factors affecting human performance.

The nine key success areas examined in the assessment tool make OPAM one of the most in-depth and comprehensive system of an organisational performance analysis and assessment available today.